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For Coaches

For The New Athlete
Every sedentary individual who decides to take up sport should be celebrated and encouraged. Our job, as fitness professionals is to ensure that the new athlete can build up their participation safely. An initial panel of blood markers can identify subtle health issues that may need to be corrected before an athlete embarks on a training plan or which may influence the training prescribed.
For The Tired Athlete
Athlete fatigue is one of the most common medical complaints seen at sports medicine clinics and no wonder, given the busy modern lifestyles we lead. The causes of athlete fatigue and training intolerance are numerous but our panels may be able to detect probable causes, be they infectious, hormonal, nutritional or training related.
The Performance Plateau
An athlete who at first, responds well to training and improves rapidly, but before long seems to hit a performance ceiling that can’t be broken despite increased training load. What gives? Sometimes, the answer lies in the blood; our panels are designed to look for abnormalities which may contribute to performance stagnation.
The Elite Athlete
Athletes who are pushing the boundaries of their athletic potential with high training loads are especially prone to symptoms of overtraining, nutritional deficiencies, injuries and even lowered resistance to infection. The difference between a podium and a DNF is measured in one or 2 percentage points. A quarterly blood check in this group is prudent to identify and correct problems early to minimise training-time loss.
The Older Athlete
Exercising into old age is the best way of delaying disability and disease while preserving mobility, fitness and mental wellbeing. The older athlete does become increasingly more prone to chronic disease with age. Regular blood testing can detect early markers of disease so that health concerns can be addressed promptly.
The Female Athlete
More and more, female athletes are outperforming their male peers. Long endurance events especially are a format where women excel. The female athlete has a different set of relevant health issues to the male athlete and may be more at risk of developing conditions such as iron deficiency anaemia and RED-S. Our female panels screen for these common issues so that performance impairment and illness can be avoided.

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Key Biomarker Spotlight

Biomarker measurement and tracking is a window into your inner workings. The following markers are some of the most important to the athlete due to their influence on general health, recovery, resistance to infection and performance. Measure these and more through our various test panels.

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