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Why blood testing?
As an athlete, you probably generate and collect reams of data every day. Heart rate, sleep score, power, repetitions completed, lap times, weight… As useful as these metrics are, none can give detailed insight into the complex biochemistry going on inside your body. Blood testing is a window to these processes and every athlete can benefit from an enhanced understanding of their own body.
Can InsightFit benefit my training and recovery?
Achieving peak performance requires a fine balancing act between sufficient training stress and adequate recovery. Too often, this balance can tip towards overtraining and under-recovery creating a performance plateau, or worse, a downward spiral of illness and/or injury. Our panels include specific hormonal, muscle, and blood markers to allow early recognition of fatigue and rapid correction to optimal training/rest balance.
Can I learn about my personal nutrition?
A rocket won’t get very far without rocket-fuel. As an athlete, you need to be filling your tank with the best balance of nutritious foods to support peak performance. Our tests can quickly detect the common nutritional deficiencies in athletes and advise adjustments to your diet and supplementation to provide the nutrients you need.
Can InsightFit help me optimise my general health?
Regular exercise is the most efficient medicine we know of for achieving health and avoiding chronic disease. Our longevity panel measures biochemical markers associated with chronic disease to evaluate your future risk. By optimising these markers, you may be able to avoid developing chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and even Alzheimer’s Disease.
Can InsightFit help me optimise my performance?
There is a reason that professional athletes have their blood analysed at least 4 times per year. Peak performance is built on a foundation of optimal health and no amount of training can get you to your potential if this foundation is ignored. The InsightFit method allows you to identify subtle or not-so-subtle problems with your health that may be preventing you from breaking that PR. Address these issues with our advice and discover your true athletic potential!

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Key Biomarker Spotlight

Biomarker measurement and tracking is a window into your inner workings. The following markers are some of the most important to the athlete due to their influence on general health, recovery, resistance to infection and performance. Measure these and more through our various test panels.

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